Sunday, June 12, 2005

Tracklisting, Sunday Afternoon - Evening

Lazy fucking sunday....good music to wash the toilet to....sigh...

1. France 2 The Libertines
2. I Fought In A War Belle and Sebastian
3. Mozzarella Swastikas Adam Green
4. we are nowhere and its now Bright Eyes
5. Chubby princess Adam Green
6. Frank Mills The Lemonheads
7. I like drugs Adam Green
8. Bluebirds Adam Green
9. My Wandering Days Are Over Belle & Sebastian
10. Hannah & Gabi The Lemonheads
11. Please, Please, Please, Let Me... The Smiths
12. A Little Soul Pulp
13. red right hand nick cave & the bad seeds
14. The Land Beyond British Sea Power
15. Thief Belly
16. Common Disaster Cowboy Junkies
17. Pretty Voice Sloan
18. Scummy Arctic monkeys
19. Stumble & Fall Razorlight
20. Furry Animal Fury Serenaide
21. freak scene dinosaur jr.
22. My Drug Buddy The Lemonheads
23. Yoga Means Union Ambulance LTD
24. Dalston Razorlight
25. Francesca Special Needs
26. feed the tree belly
27. like dylan in the movies belle & sebastian
28. Leslie Anne Levine The Decemberists
29. the dancer (acoustic) pj harvey
30. Past The Mission Tori Amos with Trent Reznor
31. Can't take my eyes off you Muse
32. Yes Manic Street Preachers
33. Neighborhood Threat Iggy Pop
34. Carrion British Sea Power
35. Underwhelmed Sloan
36. Out There Dinosaur Jr
37. the path life bitter soul
38. Pink ego box Muse

this transmission will end just past half-six in the evening where we will pause till after 9pm

9pm: Bhangra Nite.....