Thursday, June 16, 2005


First of all, a sincere thanks to all those who have been listening in and have provided me with valuable feedback. I promise not to sell out (given that no one is "buying", this shouldn't be hard to accomplish).

Besides the usual project of counter-hegemony, i wanted this little project to bring to my friends what otherwise would have never reached their ears. Besides a host of indie bands from labels such as Rough Trade and Poptones, for instance, i wanted to commit at least a third of my playlist to local bands. Obviously this hasn't been possible, not because there are NO good local bands out there worth playing (Electrico does not count), but i just haven't been able to get my hands on many local recordings recently. Hence i would totally appreciate it if anyone (and i mean ANYONE) out there could hook me up with local recordings. If u have a band or a musical project, our listeners would love to hear it. If there are any listeners in Australia (Ah Liang is the only one i noe), it would be equally awesome if you could send us demos or recordings of your local angsty suburban bands (or anythin else for that matter.)

Feedback is always is good thing. Please please please post feedback on wotever at the end of each post. If u hate the playlist, think your buffering time is too long, cannot connect to server, etc etc, pls post it. Or alternatively u may email me at U may send your demos n mp3s there too. But pls note, do not send me .wma files, i cannot play them on this stupid low-tech programme i use to broadcast. Fucking gay yea, but this is not the BBC.

The I.P. addy has not been changed recently, and i hope it will remain this way. Thou, pls come back to this site often enuff to check the current link. That is in the box just below the main header of the site. [mms://....]

Finally, this project has seemed to settle into somekinda structure (a-la Bourdieu's Habbitus formation). So basically this is how most days are structured:

We start off broadcasting in the late morning (usually, haha) with The Daytime Loop. This is basically 4 hours of good and (rather) random indie music looping till about dinner time.

We then break for abt half and hour or a whole hour till...

The Post-Dinner Show. This basically plays erm...i dunno....less random stuff? Slightly harder hitting and with occasional mix-sets and a few remixes thrown in. Slightly more electronic than daytime music thou. This goes on till about midnight or 1am.

After this, it would just be random tracks jus thrown in, more chill stuff. The tracklist for this would not be available thou.

Somewhere between 2am and 4am would be the very special Insomniac's Special. Everynite, sumfin "special" would be featured, be it a rock opera by The Who, Charlie Hayden's Liberation Music Orchestra, NIN limited editions, Radiohead b-sides and wierd-ass live stuff, Nick Cave's Brechtian "Murder Ballads" (yea u can dig it as a play!!) or any live gigs. Some "specials" might cure your insomnia, others might lead to suicide. So listeners have been warned about this.

Not to mention, every now and then, a special feature would be thrown in featuring something or another. If u want your band featured, pls write the email above and i will be dead keen.

By the way, Unpopular Culture will be updated soon.....

Once again, thanks for listening....


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