Monday, June 13, 2005

Tracklisting Monday Nite

monday nite's selection

Cruisers Creek - The Fall
Out There - Dinosaur Jr
vengeance is mine - Livonia
Dirty Boots - Sonic Youth
Ride the Changi - Force Vomit
There she stands - Popland
A Time to Be so Small - Interpol
Punk Rock - Mogwai
Stereo Sanctity - Sonic Youth
The Cabbage - Teenage Fanclub
freak scene - dinosaur jr.
White Cross - Sonic Youth
Summer Babe - Pavement
21 - The Paddingtons
Psycho Mafia - The Fall
Waking Up - Elastica
Vixen - The Fall
Faster - Manic Street Preachers
Pretty Voice - Sloan
the path - life bitter soul
Yoga Means Union - Ambulance LTD
Cody - Mogwai
True Adventures - British Sea Power
Common Disaster - Cowboy Junkies
Tears Are Cool - Teenage Fanclub
Cold Wind - Arcade Fire
Tiny Vessels - Death Cab For Cutie
Bloodclot for Slantboy - Phorous
Superheroes of BMX - Mogwai
Lies In The Numerals - Death of Cinema

...and it goes on till 4am.....



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