Monday, June 20, 2005

The Post-Dinner Show (Monday)

monday nite's selection for indigestion....

I like drugs - Adam Green
In My Life (live) - Moods
Sad Pony Girl - Xiu Xiu
Calling - Joe Ng
Do You Realize?? - Flaming Lips
Haiti - The Arcade Fire
red right hand - nick cave & the bad seeds
Model Citizen - Humpback Oak
Summer of Protest - The Dears
Waitin' for a Superman [Remix] - The Flaming Lips
I Am The Resurrection - The Stone Roses
Warm and Sunny Days - The Dears
Please Stand Up - British Sea Power
Bigmouth Strikes Again - The Smiths
Radio Station - The Padres
Blue Skies - Special Needs
Time For Heroes - The Libertines
21 - The Paddingtons
Still Take You Home - Arctic Monkeys
Pub Club Sleep. Work Work Work - The Rakes
I Predict A Riot - Kaiser Chiefs
Elephant Stone - The Stone Roses
Boredphukin - Boredphucks
1969 - The Stooges
Fake Tales Of San Francisco - Arctic Monkeys
anthem for the assholes - the moderates
jagermeister - shamejoannshame
There's A Light That Never Goes Out (live) - Serenaide
Underneath [everywear Mix] - Disqo Bisquit
The Eton Rifles - The Jam
Girl Anachronism - Dresden Dolls
One To One - Boredphucks Vs Tan Ah Luck
moroccan peoples revolutionary - Blur
Mr Fantesticles - Tiramisu (Live at LaSalle 27 Sept 03)
goodil (live) - stoned revivals
vengeance is mine - Livonia
IfWhiteAmericaToldTheTruthForOneDayIt'sWorldWouldFallApart - Manic Street Preachers
Zoe Tay - Boredphucks
Radio - Teenage Fanclub
I Luv the Valley OH - Xiu Xiu
Out There - Dinosaur Jr
Drive blind - Ride (Live in Milan 30 Sept 92)
Dead Star (live at Reading 2002) - Muse
Iris - The Breeders
Snowflake - Astreal
Tuff Gnarl - Sonic Youth
pro patriotic - Selfish Cunt
Strasbourg - The Rakes
Psycho Mafia - The Fall
Butterflies And Hurricanes - Muse
Optimistic (Live in Dublin) - Radiohead
No Wow - The Kills
La Tristesse Durera - Manic Street Preachers
Tarts - Special Needs
Junior Kickstart - The Go! Team
Bloodclot for Slantboy - Phorous
Waking Up - Elastica
L.A. - The Fall
She's Lost Control - Joy Division
slow hands (dan the automator remix) - interpol
Crystal - New Order
hey you! wanna dance? - shamejoannshame
The Magnificent Seven - The Clash
Love Will Tear Us Apart Again - Tiramisu
Ride the Changi - Force Vomit
Capital Radio Two - Clash
E=Mc2 - Big Audio Dynamite
Dreams - Fection Dasche
Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell - Flaming Lips
Long Long Summer - Chris Ho
We Will Become Silhouettes (Matthew Dears Not Scared Mix) - The Postal Service
Lies In The Numerals - Death of Cinema
A Time to Be so Small - Interpol
Shadows of Salford - Doves
Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space (deleted version) - Spiritualized
Sleeping In - The Postal Service
In the Back Seat - The Arcade Fire
Sustain (unrelease early mix) - The Padres
Darkness - Norain Khan
I Didn't Mean To Hurt You - Spiritualized
Cody - Mogwai
Joey - The Observatory
Working Class Hero - John Lennon
R U Still in 2 It - Mogwai
No Hope Before Destruction - The Dears

The Insomniac Special starts at arnd 1+ or 2am and features Charlie Hayden's Liberation Music Orchestra. Transmission closes at abt 3+ to 4am...

Thanks for listening...


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