Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Post-Dinner Show (Tues)

here's to celebrate another wasted lethargic day of not touching my taboo (even thou i promised myself to do so)

Summer of Protest - The Dears
One More Robot/Sympathy 3000-21 - The Flaming Lips
Clowne Towne - Xiu Xiu
Psychiatric Explorations of the Fetus with Needles - The Flaming Lips
Girl - Beck
Bloodclot for Slantboy - Phorous
Do You Realize?? - The Flaming Lips
jagermeister - shamejoannshame
Dalston - Razorlight
Please Stand Up - British Sea Power
Warm and Sunny Days - The Dears
Sylvia - Special Needs
There's A Light That Never Goes Out (live) - Serenaide
Girl Anachronism - Dresden Dolls
22 Grand Job - The Rakes
brothers and sisters - Blur
Strasbourg - The Rakes
Going Underground - The Jam
Cruisers Creek - The Fall
Waking Up - Elastica
Bliss - Muse
vengeance is mine - Livonia
Iris - The Breeders
50 to a pound - The Paddingtons
Boredphukin - Boredphucks
Police On My Back - The Clash
Somebody To Love - Jefferson Airplane
love and destroy - Franz Ferdinand
Everyday I Love You Less And Less - Kaiser Chiefs
hey you! wanna dance? - shamejoannshame
chocolate song - Spaghetti Vabune!
Guy Who got a Headache and Accidentally Saves the World - The Flaming Lips
Radio Station - The Padres
Pretty Voice - Sloan
Yes - Manic Street Preachers
The Curse Of Millhaven - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
Expect the Worst 'Cos She's a Tourist - The Dears
Motorbikin' - Special Needs
Zoe Tay - Boredphucks
corporate slut - Selfish Cunt
My New House - The Fall
anthem for the assholes - the moderates
Tuff Gnarl - Sonic Youth
I Luv the Valley OH - Xiu Xiu
Out There Dinosaur Jr Where You Been
love spreads - stone roses
Ride the Changi - Force Vomit
Junior Kickstart - The Go! Team
Mr Fantesticles - Tiramisu
Psycho Mafia - The Fall
pro patriotic - Selfish Cunt
Stockholm Syndrome - Muse
Chappel Hill - Sonic Youth
She's Lost Control - Joy Division
Snowflake - Astreal
slow hands (dan the automator remix) - interpol
Transmission - Joy Division
Love Will Tear Us Apart Again - Tiramisu
Hey Now What You Doing - New Order
Sparky's Dream - Teenage Fanclub
goodil (live) - stoned revivals
The Guilt - The Rakes
Fake Tales Of San Francisco - Arctic Monkeys
The Magnificient Seven - The Clash
Dreams - Fection Dasche
Long Long Summer - Chris Ho
Washington Bullets - The Clash
Blue Skies - Special Needs
True Adventures - British Sea Power
the dancer (acoustic) - pj harvey
Run Wild - New Order
Sad Pony Girl - Xiu Xiu
Career Opportunities - The Clash
In The Morning Of The Magicians - The Flaming Lips
Pets - Porno For Pyros
In the Back Seat - The Arcade Fire
Heaven Have Mercy on Us - The Dears
Tiny Vessels - Death Cab For Cutie
Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell - The Flaming Lips
Song Seven - Interpol
Lies In The Numerals - Death of Cinema
Punk Rock - Mogwai
Evil Will Prevail - The Flaming Lips
Perfect Day - Lou Reed
Stop Coming to My House - Mogwai
Shadows of Salford - Doves
Joey - The Observatory
Killing Time - The Observatory

this transmission from 8+ till....erm....godnoes....we're tryin to do a 24hr thingee...see if the puter catches fire...

Tonite's Insomniac's Special is the original Jamaican version of Bob Marley and The Wailers' debut album "Catch a Fire". This will be followed (most likely if puter does not burn) by The Who's 1969 classic rock opera "Tommy".

Happy listening, we hope u sleep well and never dream of murder and nationalism.


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