Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Interpolantic Week Ahead

First of all, thanks for those who stayed tune till 2-ish in the morning and had the pleasant (we would assume) suprise of being treated to an Interpol Black Session....

And as our creative consultant Meisen heads to Melbourne tommorrow to catch Paul, Dan, Carlos and Sam, the rest of us will attempt to vicariously live her experience with a host of Interpol live specials. Watch this space for more details!

Pooja gonna orgas...


Anonymous said...

Damn right I am! Purr..
Interpol. ;) Yesh. Interpol.
Tis all good and then some.

PARIS said...

please take the health warning sign down if you want any of them to check this out.

shamu won't be pleased.

i have 'guests' in my room playing drinking schwimmen.

Recreativo Narcótico said...

did u just teach the band how to play schmimmen ????

Anonymous said...

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