Friday, July 15, 2005

The Daytime Loop (friday)

here we go from 1125 on...

Pub Club Sleep. Work Work Work - The Rakes
What a Waster - The Libertines
Enemy - Typewriter
The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!
I Turn My Camera On - Spoon
Vapour Trail - Ride
Pox - Xiu Xiu
Girl Anachronism - Dresden Dolls
Theresa's Sound-World - Sonic Youth
Underneath - [everywear Mix] - Disko Bisquit
The Concept - Teenage Fanclub
Charmless Man - Blur
sweetest (live) - serenaide
Rebellion (Lies) - The Arcade Fire
speedos 'r' us - shamejoannshame
A Certain Romance - Arctic Monkeys
Recess - Music
Zoe Tay - Boredphucks
Something Clicked And I Fell Off The Edge - The Rakes
Leave the Capitol - The Fall
Not Even Jail - Interpol
It Ended on an Oily Stage - British Sea Power
Ghostfather (live) - Leslie Low
Take You On A Cruise - Interpol
Fleshettes - Xiu Xiu
Not About Love - Fiona Apple
Primitive (The Way I Treat You) - Ambulance Ltd
The Less You See - I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness
Furry Animal Fury - Serenaide
The Two Sides Of Monsieur Valentine - Spoon
long long summer - chris ho
Wilderness - Sleater-Kinney
Mass Romantic - New Pornographers
How's Life - The Observatory
It's All In My Mind - Teenage Fanclub
Yellow Raspberry - Xiu Xiu
High School Girls - The Love Experiment
Get Your Guns - Nine Black Alps

(all kept within the decency of 150mins)