Monday, July 04, 2005

The Daytime Loop (Monday)

so we woke up late...transmission from 2:30pm

Rock Against The Rich Special Presentz:

JOE STRUMMER'S "CLASS WARS" GIG (Somewhere in Scotland)
(from 4pm onwards...)

here's the tracklist...

01 a wee poem
02 shouting street
03 keys to your heart
04 somebody got murdered
05 oye como va
06 spanish bombs
07 armagideon time
08 viva la 15th brigade
09 this is scotland
10 love of the common people
11 the unknown immortal
12 sightsee mc
13 nothing about nothing
14 police and theives
15 ride the donkey
16 straight to hell
17 if i should fall from grace with god
18 i fought the law
19 trash city
20 brand new caddilac
21 don't tell me
22 tropic of no return
23 dum dum club
24 police on my back
25 love kills
26 london calling

For more info on Class War

till 7pm then, when the post-dinner tracklist will be out...

long live the working-class. long live the free peasants. rock on against the rich.

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Lounge Lizard said...

Hey there,

Got your e-mail in our mailbox. Was wondering how do you host the mp3s and stream them? Could you drop me a reply at our e-mail add?

This is Willy from Aging Youth Productions