Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tangkap Suxx: The Fremantle Chapter. Episode 28 (Last episode)

The Fremantle Chapter
episode 28 (last episode of the series)

monday 12th april 2010
930pm to 11pm


the fremantle chapter (series 2) will return in Oct/Nov 2010

!Thanks for listening!

Last Episode Tracklist:

1. Stellarium - Punkchet (live @ Esplanade) (4:02)
2. Dum Dum Girls - It Only Takes One Night (2:02)
3. Malcom Mclaren - Double Dutch (4:41)
4. The Roses - Apple Of My Eye (2:39)
5. slowjaxx - Cinta Psychotik (3:45)
6. Holy Fuck - Red Lights (3:48)
7. Vasonicuum - Strip (2:10)
8. Trinkets - Curious Strangers (3:48)
9. The Lion Story - Fill You In (2:12)
10. Bhujhangy Group - Wara Dahaki Na Jaye (2:56)
11. Victor Jara - Hasta Siempre Comandante Che Guevara (3:54)
12. Oktober-Klub - Lied vom Vaterland (4:01)
13. Watchmen - Please Believe Me (2:14)
14. Cheikh Lô - M'beddemi (4:27)
15. Was She A Vampire - Alone Again (3:00)
16. B-Quartet - we vacate (4:49)
17. The Melodians - Rivers Of Babylon (4:11)

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Anonymous said...

Socialist smoke signals dont really go well with references to Myspace. Just like how castro caps and che guevera t shirts at Hot Topic.

Tan[g]kap Accent said...

this never was a socialist radio show. email me if you're interested and committed to doing one.

sorry if someone made you believe this was a "marxist" radio show.

Anonymous said...

wasnt refering to the show... (its a good one, no doubt). and i love it that you're promoting some 'alternative' awareness to your listeners, most of whom i assume reside in a very capitalistic country.
I was just commenting about your pro marxist rants and juxtaposing them to references to band's myspace pages.

Tan[g]kap Accent said...

it's a cultural contradiction of capitalism and i have no intention to conceal it.