Monday, April 26, 2010

The Hamster & The Guppies Show - 280410

This week, on The Hamster & The Guppies Show, I'm featuring Naomi and the Boys!

“Robert Chua (the Singaporean who is now a millionaire TV entrepreneur) used to organize these trips up to Malaysia. Often there were six to 10 groups involved, and we would climb into a couple of air-conditioned buses and travel for two weeks. Our first stop was usually Larkin Stadium (Johor), then we’d continue up to Malacca, Seremban, KL, Ipoh, Penang and Alor Star. Sometimes we would stop at small towns along the way to give concerts. We were so popular that there were fan clubs to meet us and attend our concerts. If opposition fans were around, there would be a lot of boos, but it was all for fun. I remember in KL, we had to be escorted on stage by the police, and we often had to enter and leave through back doors. Once we were on stage, the applause would go on for about two minutes. And when we started our song, they would start applauding again and we sometimes had to stop, because we couldn’t hear ourselves.” - Alphonso Soosay, 1982

April 28, 9pm (Singapore time)

1. Slow Club – Summer Shakedown
2. The Who – I Can’t Explain
3. Naomi & The Boys – It’s All Over
4. She & Him – I Can Hear Music
5. Cake – You Can Have Him
6. Naomi & The Boys – I’d Like To Know
7. Naomi & The Boys – How Was I To Know
8. Reiko Ohara – Peacock Baby
9. Bryan Ferry – In The Mood For Love
10. Chantal Kelly – Rien qu’ une guitare
11. Henry Suriya – It’s No Sin To Love You
12. Naomi & The Boys – Bad Loser
13. The Shangri-Las – You Cheated, You Lied
14. Buddy Holly – Raining In My Heart
15. Rainbo – The Sound of Silence
16. Naomi & The Boys – The Sound of Silence
17. Naomi & The Boys – I’m Crying Inside
18. Broadway Hush – Tonight You Belong To Me
19. David Candy – Redfuschiatamborine&gravel
20. Yang Yang and Lim Ai – Black is Black
21. Naomi & The Boys – Happy Happy Birthday Baby

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