Tuesday, November 17, 2009

FMN! Vol 3


Free Music Now! Vol. 3: So long, Maryanne
Original broadcast: November 18, 2009 (Wed), 2230-0000h (GMT +8)

Presented by Mark Wong

Broadcast "live" from a cluttered bedroom on Balestier Road, Singapore, FMN! is an internet radio programme hosted on unpopular.radio. We pay special focus to music developments in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

"Free music" refers as much to the ideas of information flow and cultural dissemination as it does to musical forms which refuse to be shackled to genre orthodoxy. Inevitably, "Free Music NOW!" becomes clarion call for open ears and unfettered minds.

In Vol. 3, we remember composer and installation artist Maryanne Amacher, who suffered a stroke and passed away on October 22 at the age of 71. Deeply committed to her site-specific performances and installations, she was rarely represented on record, leading to a lifetime spent in (even greater) obscurity compared to her new music peers. Also: Indian classical experiments with Singapore's Lunar Node, new vocal adventures with Taiwan's Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, experimental eschatology by EAT TAE of the Philippines, Kurt Cobain's noise for the masses, and more.

To tune in "live" to the show, please download the following:


Then open the listen.pls file in your iTunes, Winamp or VLC media player during the broadcast time.

1. Antony and the Johnsons - Free at Last (1:36)
2. Maryanne Amacher - Head Rhythm 1 and Plaything 2 (10:13)
3. EAT TAE - Godhead (6:24)
4. Maryanne Amacher - Chorale 1 (5:54)
5. Elegant Bachelor - Dancing Faggots (4:32)
6. Tortoise - Prepare Your Coffin (3:37)
7. Jaga Jazzist - One-Armed Bandit (Radio Edit) (3:32)
8. Maryanne Amacher - A Step Into It, Imagining 1001 Years (13:34)
9. Lunar Node - Live at Esplanade Concourse (Nov 16, 2009) (6:04)
10. Alice Hui-Sheng Chang - There She is, No More Tubes or Pump Attached Anymore (8:22)
11. Nirvana - Lithium (live) (8:51)
12. Sonic Youth - Sacred Trickster (2:11)
13. Maryanne Amacher - PLAYTHING Sound Character (6:22)

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