Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmast Come Early: Free Dowloads

Christmas has come early and here are a bunch of 'badly recorded bootlegs', rare as fuck, for your listening pleasure.

The Pinholes are due to release their debut full-length album very very soon. The lead off single "Preferably" is now available for purchase via itunes. These bootlegs come from their special appearance on the Black Tangkap Black show on the 15th of June 2009. Wonderful guests, they were - punked us, then turned up full band with a huge-ass sitar to boot! Like all our radio shows, this was recorded on a cheap laptop with a computer mic. Lovely vibes though!

The Pinholes - Preferably (live acoustic on
The Pinholes - Sunshine (live acoustic on

Check out The Pinholes on myspace and facebook.

Stellarium Live at Black Hole Nov 22nd 2009

"The initial period was a maelstrom of noise, I wanted to avoid being deaf by using the earplugs, but that proved a bad move, the SPLs (Sound pressure levels) vibrated and my body could feel it and I wanted to convulge and puke. It was funny though as it got to the end, the noise was so loud, it became so quiet, like it phased out and it felt like I was actually swimming in silence, and the only thing making me hang on to consciousness was the flickering of the blinding strobe lights, making me feel like I was still alive."


1. Any Day Is Fine
2. Harbinger
3. Tomorrow's Monday
4. Chocolate & Strawberry
5. Fader
6. Dead Nebula

Download Here

Tori Amos played in Perth on the 21st of November. It was just her with a grand piano + organs/keyboards. She's quite something. We were not allowed to take pictures (even though i never use flash!). I got kinda pissed, so i recorded a couple of bootlegs with a small pink camera. The audio quality isn't much, but Tori is quite something!

Tori Amos - The Beekeeper (live at Perth Convention Centre 21st Nov 09)
Tori Amos - Baker Baker (live at Perth Convention Centre 21st Nov 09)

Holy Fucker Brian Borcherdt has a solo album out of the material he wrote between 2004 and 2006. It's called "Torches" and it's proudly brought to you by Hand Drawn Dracula. And it's avaialable for free download!

No To Rape

And finally, amid all the controversy with that JR Cinco video, let us just all say that misogyny is a huge problem in many societies today. Instead of demonizing individuals (but go ahead and lynch the bugger who made and posted the video!), we can all address our middle-class guilt and sign this petition to criminalize martial rape. It's a fucking shame that ass-fucking a consenting dude is criminal but raping your wife isn't. The last I checked, we weren't Rajasthan.

And if you missed our shows, you can subscribe to the various podcasts and download the old episodes:

Tangkap Suxx: The Fremantle Chapter

Free Music Now! hosted by Mark Wong

Cheers, happy Thanksgiving and merry Christmas in advance !!!

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