Sunday, October 29, 2006

Internet Radio Sundays !!!


10pm to 12mn: Tan[g]kap Sux on listen here

12mn till late: Late Nights with MisterBlack on listen here

please do not forget to dump your TV every sunday nite for a night of internet radio. Tan[g]kap will play many Singaporean/Malaysian/Southeast-Asian bands which will turn you and your english teacher on. MisterBlack will chase away all your post-coital blues with chillout tunes to ease you to bed before monday fucks you over with wage-work/studies. LIVEISEVIL will not broadcast this week, but will be back with a vengence next week. Oh yes, please tell your friends about it and feel free to bootleg/record our streams and play them on your ipods/zens for the rest of the week. While capitalism attempts to steal good music away from the telestrial airwaves in the service of profits, enjoy our modest rescue attempts.


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