Sunday, October 22, 2006

Internet Radio Sundays (Tangkap Sux at 1030pm)

every sunday night, singapore time (+8GMT)


9pm to 1030pm: LIVEISEVIL (Singapore's First Live Band Radio)

1030pm to 12mn: Tan[g]kap Sux (on

12mn till late: Late Nights with MisterBlack (on )

every sunday night, dump your television and tune in to the fine programming internet radio has to offer.

kicking-off at 9pm, Wallwork Records presents LIVEISEVIL where every week (almost!) a guest band will perform a LIVE set in the studios followed by a spot-on, no-holds-barred interview. listeners will also be able to call in LIVE to tell these bands how much they suck or how much they like them. I am David Sparkle, Elise, MUON, Happy Hour Gizmo and Force Vomit are some of the bands which will appear on the show in the coming weeks. checkout for more information. listen HERE.

at 1030pm, presents Tan[g]kap Sux. Dj Tan[g]kap Accent plays a lot of local music that turns you and your english teacher on. listen HERE

at 12 midnight, tune in to where MisterBlack will help chase away your post-coital blues with slow, post rock, chill and emo stuff which could make you sad/suicidal/emo/space-out/sleep. HERE to listen

so redeem your soul from the drone of tv and tune in for endless nites of aural pleasure.

checkout the respective websites for more details:

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