Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Unpopular T-shirt (Once again)

Dearest Friends, Lovers, Ex-Lovers, Fuck Buddies and Flam0rz,

I'm afraid the time has come for us to charge for labor/material costs regarding the shirts. The server is dead and we need to rip a few more dollars off you guys so we can continue streaming. In other words, if you buy a shirt - you'd have paid for a fraction of Mish's breakfast (and lunch and dinner) as well as earned for yourself the title "Highly Esteemed Listener". In other words, all of us at unpopular.radio will become your personal slave monkeys. Benefits include Tan[g]kap doing all sorts of nasty things to you upon your command. (Or if you'd rather he get his devilishly handsome paws off you, he can do nasty things to your enemies upon your every command.)

Unlike before, we're collecting the orders prior to making the shirts so that it will be easier for us to manage. I am aware of the long wait you had to endure regarding previous orders but we promise that this time, since you'll being doing us the favor of buying our shirt to save and protect (the possibly-soon-to-be-legendary) unpopular.radio - we'll do everything in our power (including flight, telekinesis and bull-shittery) to make the whole t-shirt buying process quick and painless.

All shirts will be sold at $12 excluding postage. (Postage will more or less come to $1 for Singaporean buyers and slightly more for anyone in the US of A or Europe.)

All monetary figures are in Singapore Dollars.

$7 is the cost price (including labor).
$5 will go to the website/hosting plan.

Let us be organized with this then! Read the instructions and send in your "order slips" with the appropriate details/specifications to THIS e-mail address (unpopular.tshirts@gmail.com). Any e-mail sent to unpopular.culture@gmail.com regarding the t-shirts will be ignored.

Order Slip

Mode of Payment (choose the mode applicable to you): Cash (meet-up) / Money-transfer / Concealed Cash
Gender-size-style: Male size / Female size
Total # of shirts: ___ Male size(s) / ____ Female size(s)
Color: Black / White / (Custom)
Design #: 1 (Unpopular-head)

For now, we only have this design. As we come up with more designs etc., we'll add the design numbers in a catalog on the site.

And lastly, for those of us who have e-mailed us (at unpopular.culture@gmail.com) recently regarding the shirts, this is where you re-send us an e-mail with your order. Here, we'll cater to all inquiries regarding the shirt, that is, if there are any more.

Thanks again for all the support,
c/o everyone @

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