Sunday, September 03, 2006

Important Notice

dear friends, once again, we regret to inform you that our server is down. as many of you know, my cousin has generously provided us with free bandwidth for our radio to stream. he has shutdown his servers and streamlined his services. hence, he may not be able to host us.

not to worry, we're far from dead. we're in the process of aquiring a new server, which will be paid for. we have a 'financial plan' (no not in the capitalist sense). it is easy to find webhosting services in singapore, but few IT companies have the knowhow when it comes to internet music streams. such services are generally very costly in singapore, to say the least.

we intend to sell t-shirts to fund our new server deal. we only have one design at present but a few more are in the making. these Ts will sell at S$12 each (excluding postage). we'll be initiating a mass order soon, so we can get the sizes right. there will be more colours than before.

in the meantime, do check out the links on the right hand side of the page, and check this blog for more updates. we do hope to be up and running soon. thanks for all the support you have give us. we will sustain....

yours sustainedly,
Tan[g]kap Accent

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