Monday, August 07, 2006

Shameless, 8th Aug 2006

DJ Mentor presents:
A SHAMELESS Pre-National Day Special:
A Global S.A.D Affair
TUE 8 AUG 2006 (National Day Eve)

with DJs:

DJ Mentor

and S.A.D Mavericks
DJ Tipsy Loops
Polly A. Sexuelle (UK)
Ms. Ann Thropy (US)

Stomp Stomp Stomp. That's the buzz. A splendid net-all attraction. Stompin' Electro for sheer dance floor activation. Shameless strong mandate of DJs to the for National Day Pride! Go on, blog it for the home crowd and get reined the groove. Can you hear the roar?

Flying the think-out-of-the-box flag, the visual-art maverick-team of S.A.D (*Singapore Affective Disorder) joins Shameless for the first time for a night of marching fireworks (read: technicolour video/visual splendour to affect sensory conditioning). Its 'Affective Disorder' is big on alienation as a celebratory agenda to address. What a Pow-Wow-Pop agenda that is for an incredibly uniquely nation of satisfied groovers! A lie? No way, Jose!

So, operate on pro-active agenda-mode, spread the word and fall in this Shameless/S.A.D affair. Are cigarette prices and cab fares up? Who gives a toss?!

66.6% dancefloor action is all we need to trumpet Shameless' measure of true success. Cum feel the power of the Stomp! We've got something to prove. All the time.

Send us a fookin S.A.D and Shameless email together with your full name, age, gender and contact number for limited invites!

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