Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Daytime Loop

Kinda. :) Miss me? (Don't answer that.)

In any case, I owe you guys some new music. I'll be re-introducing some of these tracks on my show this weekend. Noteworthy ones include Peter, Bjorn and John's "Young Folks". The video's pretty cool too.

Everybody Sings - Supersystem
Like A Star - Corinne Bailey Rae
Miracle Drug - AC Newman
Blue Monday - Nouvelle Vague
Jique - Brazilian Girls
Homemade Hurricanes - Amplifico
So Far, So What - Calla
Be My Baby - We Are Scientists
Support Our Troops - Devendra Banhart
No Ordinary Morning - Chicane
Whats Cookin' - Digitata
Skunk - Stoned Revivals
The One Dollar Thought - Jens Lekman
You're Out Of The Computer - My Robot Friend+Bingo Gazingo
Fine With Me - All Night Chemists
Crackers - Lambchop
A Girl Like You - The Smithereens
Say It's Not the End - Nullsleep
I Want to Hear What you Have Got to Say - Subways
By Your Side - Beachwood Sparks
Feel No Pain - Pit Er Pat
Zack Morris Phone - Look Down
Property Line - Coach Said Not To
All That Remains - Dwindle
Abstractly Involved - Plasmatic Brain Spasm
Imaginary Fortress - The Vets
Into You - A Whisper In The Noise
I'm Waking Up To Us - Belle & Sebastian
So Far We Are - French Kicks
Altar - Thunder In The Valley
Violets - Candy Bars
Oil In The Fields - Paul Duncan
Citizens of Tomorrow - Tokyo Police Club
Vanishing Act - Monster Movie
Sparks F - The Brokedown
Been Here Before - Jeremy Enigk
Pan (Advice for Young Mothers to Be) - The Veils
Saltwater - Beach House
Under the Hood at the Paradise Garage - Matthew Friedberger
All I Can Think of Is You - Julia Haltigan
Someone Came Around - Katamine
Sunken - Protokoll
My Life In The Funeral Service - FemBots
Yell Fire! - Michael Franti & Spearhead
Get Lonely - The Mountain Goats
My Apple Has Four Legs - Feathers
Morning After - Outerhope
Open Your Eyes - Heidi Gluck
Little Monkey/Step in the name of Love (R. Kelly) - Devendra Banhart/Jana Hunter
Photograph - Caural
No Backbone - The Lemonheads
Circuitous - Winechuggers
Nitemare Hippy Girl - Beck
Time Stretched Like Light - Ben Kamen
Do The Coup D'etat - Hot One
Shake It Off - Red Bennies
Pull Up If I Pull Up - Jab Mica Och El
Gotta Get Out - The Bicycles
24 Searchlight - Nirgilis
This and Other Distances - Hexes and Ohs
How Does Life Go? - Jonah Matranga
Let the Music Play - G. Love
Let It All Go - The Stevenson Ranch Davidians
In the Fields of (Lonely Fences) - Languis
Spider's House - Califone
A House Is Not A Motel (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Re-Edit) - Love
God Played a Mean Joke on Me - Nightmare of You
Teardrop - Elbow
Young Folks - Peter Bjorn And John

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STL said...

Enjoyable visit to your blog! Please visit my nephew's Taylor Hollingsworth music site Brash Music Company of Atlanta, GA writes: It's been happening for decades. Some guitar-slinging kid emerges out of the South with a blues rock soul sound that is more born out of the South than out of the kid. The family tree for this has branches that reach from Macon to Memphis, and Taylor Hollingsworth makes sure that the Birmingham thumbtack is on the map. Enjoy a clip from Taylor Hollingsworth's cd Tragic City. Hey, an Aunt can brag can't she?