Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tangkap Suxx: knn10 (A Tribute to Free Music Now!)


Wednesday 15 July 2015
930pm to 11pm (SG, KL, Perth, HK, Bali)
830pm to 10pm (WIB)

A tribute to Mark Wong's Free Music Now!
Archived here and here


1. Subduction - How Very Much (I've Loved You) (4:26)
2. Goobye 20th Century - Flood (15:33)
3. The Observatory - CONTINUUM PART 5 'Mankind' (11:16)
4. Lux Mammoth - Autopsy (12:21)
5. Xiu Xiu - Stupid in the Dark (2:50)
6. Koalface - iii. notes of leprosy iv. what colour is sacred (7:06)
7. duran-durian - Kopitiam Echophonic Modulations (6:52)
8. Rapoon - There Shall Be Signs (10:56)
9. Yoshiko Sai - Mikkoh (5:09)

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