Sunday, January 30, 2011

Laneway Festival

St Jerome's Laneway Festival made a very wet and muddy debut in Singapore (and Asia) yesterday. Warpaint kicked off the Festival with their experimental sound filled with angular guitar riffs and inventive drumming. The four good-looking ladies were affable and the crowd adored them. Ladyhawke got the crowd up and dancing with their groovy tunes while Beach House was more mellow and reflective. The drizzle started but that didn't faze the crowd nor Deerhunter who gave a very intense performance. Holy Fuck then came on and blew away all before them. It was fitting too as the sun began to set and the rain got heavier during their set but their high-octane infectious music kept the good vibes going as Laneway turned into "Rainway" and was fast becoming a mud fest. Yeasayer kept the party mood going as the tropical rain raged on. !!! (Chk Chk Chk) was the most entertaining act of the Festival for me. Frontman Nic Offer was a delight to watch as he danced uninhibitedly in a "I heart Singapore" tee and shorts. Foals got the biggest cheers of the night as they gave a powerful performance. The Temper Trap was a crowd pleaser and was a fitting finale to a most wonderful Festival. Great acts, amazing music, a massive crowd and good vibes all round, we're looking to next year's Laneway already.

Here are photos (by Paddy Mac) from the festival.



 Beach House


 Holy Fuck


 !!! (Chk Chk Chk)


The Temper Trap

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