Wednesday, September 01, 2010

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Sur le Bosphore

Slowly but surely, soon only the sounds of sixties pop will be heard on *just kidding* But yes, I have a show tonight again! September 1, 8.45PM. But since most of you download the show, the LIVE timing doesn't matter. Stay tuned for download link post-show. (I'm still waiting for the replacement turntable needle to arrive in the mail)

1. TypeWriter – For Your Everything
2. Dara Puspita – Halo Halo
3. Magic Kids – Superball
4. Chad and Jeremy – Only Those In Love
5. Quasimodo – And She Said
6. Peter Doherty – Sheepskin Tearaway
7. The Bird and The Bee – I Can’t Go For That
8. Generationals – Nobody Could Change Your Mind
9. Katie Herzig – Hey Na Na
10. The Quests – Push Push
11. The Lion Story – Something’s Going On
12. Teen Heroes – Try Me
13. Fountains of Wayne – I’ve Got A Flair
14. Noah And The Whale – Carry That Weight
15. Tilly & The Wall – Shake It Out
16. Patrina & The Melodians – Love Is Blue
17. Heather – Green Tambourine
18. She & Him – Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
19. Stellarium – When I’m With You
20. Tony Victor – I Call Your Name
21. The Pinholes – Never Gonna Take My Life
22. Nina Tempo & April Stevens – Wings of Love
23. 15th Scenery - Happy Like A Honeybee

Download here!

Beautiful pix above is from this Flickr stream! And you can visit my blog here!

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zulskru said...

thumbs-up for this playlist.