Sunday, December 07, 2008

Tan[g]kap Suxx 8th December - my top 15 songs of 2008

Top 15 songs of 2008

monday 8th december 2008
10pm - 1130pm (singapore time)

ok, we're not REALLY at the end of the year yet. but this will be the last tan[g]kap suxx live show for 2008. so tune in as i play you my favourite songs of 2008

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and these are my top 15 songs of 2008:

1. Nuance - Silver City
2. The Gutter Twins - God's Children
3. Miss Pooja & Babu Chandigarhia - Saari Raat
4. The Duke Spirit - My Sunken Treasure
5. Mogwai - Batcat
6. My Precious - Do Bosses Make Shadow
7. Etc - Malaysian Trucks
8. The Lard Brothers & Koffkoff - Radio Station (Padres cover)
9. Dj Vix & Shin (DCS) - Ah Chak Bottel Daru Di
10. Muon - From The Cold
11. Pervy Boy - Crazy Day
12. Amateur Takes Control - Communication Downbreak
13. Mohd Jayzuan - Si Dia
14. Glasvegas - Geraldine
15. Muck - As The Rain Falls


bioanarchism said...

aphex twin! powah!

rickdog said...

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Ben Etc said...

Etc loves you too - the feeling: mutual. Thanks for having us.

That 'Malaysian Trucks' you played is a long long one... since usurped by 'RadioClash08' free giveaway compilation version of same thing - same recording - but somehow drastically edited from 7:17 to 6:51. We've gone wrong somewhere since it's meant to be 3 minute jam. Not a 3 jam minit.