Wednesday, July 09, 2008

BBS (Be Back Soon)

If this were anytime three months ago, I would be preparing for my weekly Thursday show by now but you know how college/university life gets so complicated that you sleep with gum in your mouth? Or that life-threatening situations arise because you leave the electric stove on while watching a documentary for visual anthropology? Or annoying complications like after having lugged one of your external hard disks almost half-way around the world, only to finally drop it upon your arrival and losing all your old and precious bootlegs in it? Never mind the pictures, right?


These things happen and due to minor brain damage, I cannot really multi-task. So while I'm settling into my junior year, please forgive me for not fulfilling my responsibilities as the bringer of freaky music by them freaky folk ! I'll be back soon, just not this month.

For the meantime, you have perverted Mondays with Tan[g]kap and moddy mod mod Tuesdays!

Bisoux y besos
I Have No Official Name Yet But Maybe Nana Sticks


bioanarchism said...

I, and we, will miss you.

Come back soon.

Tan[g]kap Accent said...

oh sorry i will be out of the country. no tangkap suxx till 28th of july.