Friday, February 01, 2008

Download: Freaky Folk # 5

Featuring: Chairs in the Arno, Love is All, Vampire Weekend, Black Kids, Polarforsker, The Bad Spellers, High Water Marks, The Delgados, Taken By Trees, Twin Lobster, LetsGoStreaking, Marco Mahler and of course Ridelight!

Freaky Folk Episode 5 [Download] (86.48 MB)
Freaky Folk Episode 5 [Mirror] (83.3 MB)

Details for the auditions of my 2nd Banana soon !!!


volume-addict said...

Request naman...

How about playing some Carnival Park and Apple Orchard one a future show?


volume-addict said...


Saw the comments section off one of my posts. First off, thanks for dropping by to check things out. There may be a problem with the tag-board when it comes to authenticating writers that post in that section from time to time. Sorry 'bout that.

We'll keep listening out here as long as you continue posting your shows for download. It's what I've got tuned in whenever I'm finishing work in my cubicle.


PANDA said...

I WANT TO BE YOUR SECOND BANANA! but i'm too far, boo :P