Friday, December 21, 2007

Download: Freaky Folk Ep. 2 with LeMeow!

Featuring: The Pogo Digital (backing track), The Difference Engine, OAG, Eskimo & Sons, Outerhope, Tarpaulin City, Dr. Mindbender, Owel, Rocha, a new cover by CSS and more!

Download | Freaky Folk # 2 (91.51 MB)


bioanarchism said...

you can download this at the mirror @ here

Kevin said...

Hey guys, I like your radio music programming. Georgiana intro-ed me to your blog.

Just a word... got some of my music friends to check out your radio show, but they had a hard time finding the "Play Radio" link. Might want to make it mega obvious (like a big button) and say that it'll launch iTunes or WMP.

Good luck! I used to run and recently put up a local music documentary on my blog at