Sunday, October 21, 2007


Do you know we have a very excellent LINKS section? I know half you turds end up at this site because you are googling for music to download and to your utter dissapointment, WE ARE NOT A FUCKING MP3 BLOG!!!!

Nonetheless, why not check out Fur Better Or Fur Worse. This is Shaun Soh's music blog. Elias said i should "seriously consider" linking this up to the radio blog. You should seriously consider reading it.

If Shaun's taste in music is not quite your cup of tea, homemade pastries might be. One Tree Hill Bakery is the shitz, hands down. Go see what's on the menu! They even cater for your middle-class to bourgeois events at prices even the working class could afford!!!

If you always complain that you don't know where to buy local cds, there's always Straits Records among others. The heritage of local music is well-doccumented here. If you're an up-and-coming (cum in my eyes and ears, please) local act/band/singer/collective/label and is/are/was/were looking for free webhosting services do checkout the good folks at Rock Lah, it's FREE.

If you are into the arts (visual or invisible), checkout Culturepush. It is a seriously excellent site with very regular features on people who make the design and painting and music. Don't expect me to say anything profound on it - I couldn't tell Monet and Renoir apart (but actually it is Renoir who SUCKS!!! Sorry Monyet!!!). So go and visit Culturepush if you're as big an idiot as I am and learn something for heaven's sake.

For something more "everyday" go visit Public Art Roar. You can even contribute to it. Zian's also curating an exhibition end of this month, so you must go and look at nice fotos and drawings and paintings. I don't know if got naked, but go and see for yourself no less.

Finally there are all these good zines and magazines and webzines and things for reading about music and gigs and other stuff because WE ARE A RADIO NOT A FUCKING MUSIC MAGAZINE. So read stuff like Aging Youth, Junk and Ricecooker. All fucking good shit, no less.

Go and check out the other links lah, they're on the right hand side.

We got sitemeter, hope to see you clicking on these links more.

oh and before i forget, we have a FACEBOOK GROUP for feel free to join the group.

ok bye, see you soon.....(i mean it). Tan[g]kap Suxx on monday nite as usual.

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