Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Black Tan[g]kap Black Show

oh ! so i can make posters also isit ?

so don't forget to tune in !!


starring: Mister Black & Tan[g]kap Accent
with special guests.

Wednesday 8 - 10pm (sg time)


also also also.....if you're a local band looking for web/net/online kinda "things" (like if u wanna make ur new album available for streaming or sumfin or host your band's website which keeps getting shutdown coz u forget to pay your webhost), u will wanna check this out. Michael (our server guy) and his old partner from their "Frozened" days are collaborating again and expanding their operations very very soon. You might wanna forgive the tagging - replace "industry" with "scene" or an appropriate term. So yes, they're called ROCKLAH.

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