Wednesday, April 26, 2006


the server is down for good. our friendly kapitalist allies in lorong chuan have decided to cut our line. our uplink (an unsuccessful petit bourgeois) owes the big kapitalist a sum of money and has absconed. hence the line has been terminated. the biggest problem is that they are not letting our machines out of the building. in fact, that is the only problem.

we're down, we're not dead. a temporary server will be setup by tomorrow night to stream loops. we won't be able to do shows yet, since this temporary measure won't be sufficient to hold the number of listeners we usually have for our shows.

come back here in a day or two, the music should go on. in the meantime, go to gigs, check out some of the bands we have played and buy their music. and please, check out the links on the right hand side, what you're looking for isn't very far away. obscurity is not an excuse.

thanks for your support so far. we love your ears more than the girl or boy who's been licking it silly. we'll be back and history will acquit us.

Keep yourself occupied with these:

We'll be there...

p.s. some of you may be inclined to think that there was a deliberate state effort to shut us down. there has so far been no evidence of this. at the same time, we are also bemused as to why the state feels that a certain liberal's podcasts are more "dangerous" than maybe he has more bandwidth than us. indeed, look at us now.


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