Monday, January 01, 1990


Born to an un-named peasant of the Bedok Reservoir (Singapore) region and raised in the abandoned tin mines of the Kinta Valley (Malaysia), dj tangkap accent was born with an inherrent love for rock n roll and an inherrent distaste for capitalist social relations. There are many myths about how was founded - from the valiant attempts to promote Singaporean music to the efforts of tankap accent to make himself more endearing to his female transit friends None of these myths are true, however.

It was in an attempt to escape from the numbing pleasures of opiates and the discovery of the "webcast" function on a very obiang piece of software which started it all. With the help of local Sembawang Hills deity Paris Wong as creative consultant, was born as a tongue-in-cheek dig at corporatism and an advocate of good taste. The early broadcasts were horrible - the track title and artist did not show and no mics could be hooked up. Soon enough, migrated to winamp shoutcast and an external server was provided. Details of this server "deal" are entirely under wraps in the interest of "counter-hegemony". 

Tangkap accent was soon joined by the bassist and vocalist of local band Comrade Dave, Mark. In between defending his fascist nation by playing video games with flying robots, the lifelong Spoon (and Stroll, and Force Vomit) fan found some time to serve the oppressed masses with songs of bands which he sessioned and wrote the basslines for.

Mark was christianed Dj Pegasus by Paris and Dj Pesagus by tankap accent. He now insists on being called Dj Annabelle Chong, having been fucked by 50 men to date. Following this, the Lion City Underground Radio folk started broadcasting their weekly monday nite shows on the server too.

The coming of a particular cosmopolitan —
The She-Man —with a middle-class American accent, nonetheless, was a godsent to unpopular radio, as heterosexual male listeners finally got a chance to get off tuning in whilst repressing their inherent homosexual tendencies. Not to mention she is the only one on unpopular radio who sounds remotely like a real DJ, The She-Man was once the dedicated president of "The Youths Against Youths Who Think That Filipinas Are Only Just Maids" and has since grown up to be unsurprisingly feminist.

We here at are committed to bringing you independent rock n roll as a vehicle to smash capitalism and dj tangkap accent in his own time, is committed to bringing you quality phonesex.

There are many people we would like to thank for their love and support and we cannot list all of them here. But to all the people who have encouraged and supported us, sent music to us, masturbated while listening to us, plugged us on their sites and guested on our shows - we loves you!

Alright, let's get back to fighting capitalism, shall we?